We now offer training for Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota Enhanced, Minnesota, Arizona, and Utah CCW permits. Contact us to set up a custom course for your group!

Rev-Tac Multi-State CCW courses with open seats:

July 12
Multi-State CCW Course
Rev-Tac Range Jackson, NE

July 14
Multi-State CCW Course
Cedar Rock, Rock Valley

July 28
Multi-State CCW Course
Stoney Creek, Sioux City

Our hands-on training for CCW, is not only informative but a lot of fun! We start with the very basics of handling a pistol and work through state law and the “Do’s and Don’ts” of carrying a firearm. This is also a great course for hunters or people who just want to have a gun in their home. This course is taught by two very experienced, ruggedly handsome, NRA certified instructors who believe in offering the highest quality of real-world training for an affordable price!