Tom Sherlock, May 2018

“These guys are a wealth of knowledge related to laws and gun safety”
Jesse Fink, May 2018

“Awesome class!!!! Highly recommend it!!! Great job”
Terry Gardner, March 2018

“Awesome class I recommend them to everyone I can!”
Mike Bracht, May 2017

“Took the woman’s basic defense firearm course. Training was outstanding. About 10 years experience with firearms and I still was challenged and learned new skills. There is always room for improvement and you are never to weak or old to learn to protect yourself.”
Nicole VanSickler, March 2017

“All 3 guys were great!!! I highly recommend going through these guys!!! An extra thank you to Jon for being so encouraging, it made my experience amazing!!!!”
Tammy L. Roche-Spaulding, May 2017

“These guys are awesome. They are very knowledgeable and make learning fun. I will b going back for more training and recommend them to anyone looking to get some excellent firearm training.”
Roger Heath, Dec 2017

“Some of the best firearms instruction I’ve ever received. You will not regret taking any of these courses… and you won’t fall asleep during the classroom sessions, either. Heck, the humor is better than standup comedy and the material is presented in a manner you will never forget. Scotty/Sioux City”
Scott Haberer, Nov 2017

“I have taken several classes with the crew at Rev-Tac and the keep getting better and better. They teach practical classes that aim to prepare you for emergencies but keep it fun and engaging. The do a great job of making saftey the number one priority while letting students get experience they need.”
Neil Weidner, Nov 2017

“Fantastic staff, really excellent facility still under construction, and HAVE I MENTIONED THAT THERE’S A BLUETOOTH SPEAKER IN THE BATHROOM?!”
John Correia, Oct 2017

“Just finished the LRP class and these guys did an awesome job. I’m new to long range but I feel like they have got me on the right track and feeling confident. Going to get some more rounds through my rifle so that i feel comfortable with it and I will be attending another class since I was very green. It was a blast. Thanks guys!”
Jacob Moret, July 2017

“Great instructors and fun shooting! Thanks for the excellent training and range time.”
Dan Lederman, Oct 2016

“What a GREAT night out as a couple! I would highly recommend!!”
Jill Holmes, Oct 2016

“Took the CCW class last month. Not only was it extremely informative, the guys that taught the class were fun. Really fun. Kept us laughing the entire time.”
Krista Kay Bakke, Aug 2016

“Attended the Practical Carry & Advanced Shooting Course. Great class! If you carry, you should train! Tim covers real world scenarios, shooting on the move, proper use of cover, shooting under pressure. After class he took some time to help my wife understand and solve some issues surrounding concealed carry from a purse. Highly Recommend!!”
Ray Kayl, May 2016

“My wife and I took the Iowa CCW class on March 5th. I already had my CCW and had taken the class somewhere else. I have been around firearms all my life and I am very comfortable around them but my wife was not. The CCW course that I had taken was nothing special, it achieved its purpose and for someone who is familiar and comfortable with firearms that is fine. I knew that when my wife showed interest in taking the class and spending more time around firearms that I wanted her to have a better first introduction to the world of CCW than the class I took. When asking around, Rev-Tac’s name kept popping up when I asked people for a recommendation. A few Facebook messages later and we were enrolled in the class. What separates Rev Tac from other courses? I felt like they cared. They weren’t just running through the motions and plodding through the material. Just because someone is licensed to teach the course doesn’t make them a good teacher. The instructors had a great sense of humor which kept the atmosphere light. They did a great job of making themselves accessible prior to the class, during the class, and after the class for questions and comments. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to take the CCW class. My wife and I will be attending several other classes that Rev-Tac offers.
Mike Donahoo, March 2016

“Enjoyed the class– very educational, practical, and answered all questions despite having a lot of material to cover. Knowledgeable instructor did a great job! Thank you for sharing real life stories to help show how the information applies. Quality education with the right amount of humor throughout to make the time go quickly. I look forward to taking another class again! Thank you!”
Christie Finnegan, Feb 2016

“I’ve taken 4 classes with rev-tac. I started with NO experience. They have been great every step of the way.”
Dacia Bolton-Bates, Oct 2015

“Excellent concealed carry course with friendly, knowledgeable instructors. This was the third time I have taken such a course and this one was by far the best of the three. Because they offer the course for Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Utah at the same time and place it offers the unique opportunity to get all of your concealed carry permits in a single class.”
Robert Johnson, Oct 2015

“We had a great time at Hot Date Night tonight! I learned a lot and tried out some new things. Dinner was good too.”
Holly Ann, Sept 2015

Great and very informative class. Tim has a great sense of humor which keeps things going. Keep up the great job in ensuring those attending receive quality training! Bravo Zulu!”
Jim Jones, Feb 2015
I attended the Utah concealed carry class yesterday in Sioux Falls it was a phenomenal, educational, and fun class. Great instructors, highly recommend.”
Paul Johnston, Feb 2015
Great conceal carry class. I am prior law enforcement and military and there is always more to learn from different instructors. Plus refreshers are a must. Never a boring moment in class thanks to top notch instructors. Thanks Rev-Tac!”
Adam Long, Feb 2015
Utah conceal carry. Great course. The instructor is knowledgeable and makes the course very interesting and entertaining! By the time the class is finished you have everything you need to send in for your permit. Very efficient. Thanks!”
Bob Bosworth, Feb 2015
Greatly enjoyed the class today in Sioux Falls. a lot of great information and advice as well as entertaining. Thanks Guys.”
Chris Estwick, Feb 2015
I attended the Utah conceal carry class in Sioux Falls today. Was a great class. I found it very informative. The instructors were knowledgeable, friendly, and made the class fun. I would highly recommend this class to everyone.”
Burt Campbell, Feb 2015
Such awesome people. Love their courses, and would suggest them to anyone looking for subject matter experts in the firearms field.”
Jeremy Young, Feb 2015
Attended the class on 2/22/15 at the Shrine in Sioux Falls for the Utah Permit. I have to say these guys are great. They made it fun and very informative. I highly recommend them to anyone.”
Aaron Neiman, Feb 2015
Very fun class! Can’t wait to take more classes offered by Rev-Tac. Informative and entertaining!”
Luke and Jodie Lovejoy, Feb 2015
Sat through the Utah Concealed Carry Course today at El Riad in Sioux Falls. Great hands on course with plenty of useful information and group involvement. Looking forward to attending some of the other offered courses. If you’ve been looking, give Rev-Tac a once over. Good show fellas!”
Aaron Hensley, Feb 2015
Took their course today in sioux falls and it was great. Very informative class. They do a great job of making the class fun and involving people to make the class go by very fast. I would look to these guys for all my shooting needs. I would take the class again just for the experience.”
Jeff Jones, Feb 2015
Awesome class. would absolutely recommend. Worth every dime”
Dustin VanBeek, Feb 2015

The class was incredibly informative- these guys know their stuff! On top of that, they keep it entertaining. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you go anywhere else.:)”
Sasha Lee Johnson, Feb 2015

Attended the concealed carry class. Great practical information and hands on instructions. Highly recommend over the 30 min classes out there. Don’t skimp out on the training and information!!”
Jorge Sanchez, Feb 2015
Get to a class. Worth every penny. Looking forward to attending additional classes.”
Trent Kielty, Feb 2015
Took Utah class great time great people had a blast !!!!”
Jessie Jorgenson, Feb 2015
Had an awesome class learned a lot and had fun doing it”
Derrick Brian, Feb 2015

Very informative, actually had a great time ! This class Rocked! Thanks Guys!”
Russ Johnson, Feb 2015

Great job on the teaching by Tim & Jon did a great job at the range , very to the point on SAFETY witch make it fun at the range , thanks to both Tim & Jon”
Jon Wiltgen, Jan 2015

A great class with great, very knowledgeable instructors! Glad I had the opportunity to take the class. Thanks for taking the time to come to Sioux Falls.”
Bridget Wipf, Jan 2015

Good class learned a lot. Also laughed a lot not boring by any means.”
Jr Clift, Jan 2015
Great class. You kept it interesting and the class involved the whole time. A lot of great information. I will have to talk my wife into taking the next one.”
Tony Heilman, Jan 2015
Was a great class kept the mood light and very informative discussions keep up the great work and thanks”
Jason Crittenden, Jan 2015
Attended the Utah Class in Sioux Falls today at the Shrine. It was a good permit class!”
Matt Schlueter, Jan 2015
Great class …The instructor had a rockin attitude and we’ll versed with the information.”
Wes Teal, Jan 2015
Big class in SF today. Was very informative and also fun at same time. Thank you to Rev-Tac staff. It was well worth the time (note big day in football today) I am glad I went. Looking forward to taking additional classes from Rev-Tac”
Paul Van Den Top, Jan 2015
Awesome class worth taking. Very informative. Awesome instructors”
Corey Floyd, Jan 2015
They make the classes a fun environment. You learn a lot and get to enjoy yourself at the same time. When at the range their first priority is safety. In all great team to work with, thanks guys.”
T.J. Nelson, Dec 2014
This was a great class a lot of good information and fun. I would recommend this class to anyone looking for their permit.”
Dustin Woolworth, Dec 2014

“I loved this course, I would highly recommend this for anyone curious about conceal and carry. You will learn whether or not it is for you and if it is you get a certificate that you need for Iowa conceal and carry. Guys made 3 hour fly by.
Scott Brouillette, Dec 2014

Not a dull moment in this class! It was very informative and interactive. I would recommend this class to everyone!”
Andria Nielsen Sivill, Dec 2014

The trauma management for first responders was an excellent course. Very knowledgeable instructor who presented the class in an organized and easy to follow style. Information presented was applicable to all levels of EMS experience. Looking forward to taking more classes in the future. Keep up the great work!”
Ryan Morrison, Dec 2014
Finally a class that’s fun and keeps you interested great job Rev-Tac”
Devin Maker, Dec 2014
Awesome class these guys are great at what they do!!!”
Corey Butrum, Dec 2014
Excellent training. Well worth the money. Thanks again”
Jason S Darnell, Dec 2014
“Excellent class in Sioux Falls today! Would highly recommend to anyone interested in taking Utah permit class! Thanks!”
Sadie Den Herder, Dec 2014
Great guys for concealed carry courses very fun and exciting class. They lighten the mood and keep it enjoyable! Thanks for the class…”
Heath Thoreson, Dec 2014
“Great class, very informational and entertaining!!”
Caleb Sullivan, Dec 2014
Just finished a Rev Tac class it was very informative and the instructors keep your attention. Would strongly recommend!!! Thanks”
Harvey Jensen, Dec 2014
Had a great time in your class in Sioux Falls. I’m gonna try to attend other classes you guys put on.”
Justin Pingeon, Dec 2014
This class was awesome! Could not ask for better instructors! Highly recommend this class to everyone.”
Bethany Lensink, Dec 2014
I just completed this class to get my permit to carry! Tim and John we outstanding! ;)”
Rita Pfleeger Bettin, Dec 2014
A must even if you have a permit.”
-Mike Macklem, Dec 2014
“So much fun shooting with dad & Brent today! Great instructors! Strongly recommend!”
– Brenda Bartling Waugh, Nov 2014
“Excellent course today gentlemen. I thought I might not need the basic handgun course, but, I was proven wrong when you corrected my stance and tweaked my grip and most of all improved my shooting performance. Outstanding training!”
– Brent Jensen, Nov 2014
“I attended a CCW class with Rev Tac last spring. I was very impressed with the info and the way they covered it. Last weekend I was able to spend the whole weekend with them. The Long Range precision Marksmanship course really allowed me to test my limits along with the limits of my equipment. I am a better shooter because of this and I will practice the info and techniques they taught me to stretch the limits even further.”
– Jon Lockhorst, Nov 2014
“Thank you Jon and Alex for doing an awesome job today. Great CCW class. Can’t wait to take more of your classes.”
– Jenni Parkhill, Nov 2014
These guys are fantastic, easy to learn from, easy to listen to. Had a lot of fun shooting my own and a few other handguns, they definitely improved my shooting in that short time. Can’t wait to see what a longer more in depth course can do for my shooting!”
– Josh J. Perlinger, Oct 2014
Let me start by saying I prior to this I had never shot or held a handgun. I was not exposed to them growing up as many in this area are. I took the Conceal / Carry class and had a great time. Tim and Jon keep it fun and informative!! Last night I did the pistol test drive. HAD A BLAST. Who knew that it would be a challenging and exciting to try out many different handguns!! Again the guys were great instructors who kept it fun but also safe and serious when needed. They make you feel very comfortable in every situation. If you have any hesitation about giving Rev-Tac a try…I’m telling you DONT!! I look forward to taking an advanced class with these guys and making my first purchase with their guidance.
-Scott McManigal, Oct 2014
Best class you can take if you want your conceal and carry. They answered every question, lots of hands on with different firearms and holsters. My sister and I are taking some of their other classes.
-Barb-Steve Griffith, Oct 2014
My husband and I attended Rev-Tac Class last night in Kingsley, IA. Thanks Tim for making the class both informative and fun. I would highly recommend your class to anyone that is interested in getting their Permit To Carry. Thanks again
-Laurie Kayser, Oct 2014
I attended the Rev-Tac CWL class at SmallTown Sportsman gun shop in Kingsley, Iowa last night. Tim made the class fun and very informative. I highly recommend it for everyone. I wasn’t at all sure I even wanted a gun for sure before attending, now I can hardly wait to attend Rev-Tacs shooting training class next. Thank You so much…
-Eliese Hoffman, Oct 2014
I recently took the Carry/Conceal class for Iowa and Utah and the class was just awesome! Instructors were great (and hilarious by the way), and I learned quite a bit of stuff I had not researched or thought about before. The class was a very relaxed setup with a “no bad question” mindset and makes it very easy to ask questions and get some good conversation going with other gun owners! They even had a couple dozen firearms and holsters on hand to feel to see what you may like as you look to purchase. I highly recommend for anyone, from beginners to people who have shot for years, these guys know their stuff!! Now to check their calendar for the next shooting class!
-Tyler Zellmer, Oct 2014
I highly recommend Rev-Tac Firearm Instruction. Tim and Jon are great teachers. For myself with little to no experience with guns. The basic pistol course they offer made me more comfortable and confident in handling a pistol. Thanks guys!
-Joe Stephens, Oct 2014
Great one on one instruction. I had never shot a pistol before so was great learning how to load, hold, and hit a target. I was able to shoot 8 or 9 different pistols and calibers to give me an idea what works best for me. Great class
-Cindy Frank-Meyers, Oct 2014
Great class. Lots of very useful information. I highly recommend rev tac!
-Scott Merritt, Oct 2014
Excellent class. Great instruction. Would definitely and highly recommend. I would love to do additional training with them in the future!
-Stephanie Johnson Weidner, Oct 2014

Rev-Tac’s Utah concealed carry course was fun and informative. The information was organized and delivered in a manner that was easy to understand and retain even for someone new to firearms and shooting, and it was great to be able to handle a multitude of different pistols and holsters. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in gaining the knowledge and paperwork necessary to acquire a concealed carry permit, and I look forward to taking some of the other courses that Rev-Tac offers! Thanks guys!
-Sarah Mandler – Sept, 2014

Took the Utah class tonight and it was a great time. Good information and good people! I can’t wait to take other classes you all offer!
-Casey Croop, Sept, 2014
Great experience and great group of fellas. Learned a lot and also helped me with being able to protect my kids…… thanks again guys
-Jimmy Whitmore, Sept 2014
Took the IA/UT CCW class today. It was delivered with humor but you learn a lot. The three hours flew by. I would recommend this class to anyone. Trying to convince my wife to take it now. 🙂
-Concepcion Ortiz III, Aug 2014
♥ these guys
-Angel Decora, Aug 2014
Great class! The guys know their stuff and do a great job with teaching responsible carry.
-Matt Boogerd, Aug 2014

Very informative. Would recommend this class to anyone who wants to get their permit to carry
-Misty Strom-Bauer, Aug 2014

Took the non-residence Utah class last night, great class very informative, very knowledgeable. Would recommend Rev-Tac to everyone.
-Adam Wilson, Aug 2014
Yesterday participated in the carbine course with Rev-Tac, what a good course. We started off with weapon familiarization cleaning and maintenance and proceeded to work from proper trigger squeeze, breath and grouping to shooting 100 meters to reinforce concepts to running shooting drills by the end. Everyone who participated learned a lot, wether you were an experienced shooter or new to the black gun game. Great course, I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about shooting or your AR variant rifle.
-Scott Gebers, Aug 2014

Went to try out the hand guns. Had a blast shooting and learning about all the guns. Also was great to learn how to shoot. Had a great time totally want to do it again.

-Andrew Jindra, Jul 2014
Ladies, don’t be afraid of any “guns are not for girls” stereotypes here. If you want to carry concealed – correctly and responsibly – but you don’t think you’ll be taken seriously in a class full of men, I’m telling you – take the class with the Rev-Tac guys. I was treated with the same respect given to every one else, and never once did I feel like I didn’t belong. Great experience!
-Robin Hofmeyer, Jul 2014
“Finished the badass class at Rev-Tac Firearm Instruction tonight, these guys are the real deal. Informative, fun, real world information. We also learned that Tim serves spicy pickles and string cheese on request, his holsters smell like beef jerky, and he is not a guy you want breaking into your house. Looking forward to getting my permit filed, and putting the experience into application. Thanks again guys.”
Jerod Lytton, Jul 2014
Hands down this was the best instruction class I have ever been through! They have their own range and keep everything really hands on while you learn! That was the best part, got to shoot a few different guns and learned as we did it! I can’t wait to take another class with them! I highly recommend rev-tac to anyone who wants to learn or who wants to perfect their skills! Awesome group!!”
Angie Kg Noreen, Jun 2014


Great class! I had no idea a class could be that entertaining. Great instruction for general handgun/carry information as well as the Utah laws. Tim makes 4 hours seem like 1.”
Jesse Johnson, Jun 2014
“Attended the class today at the Ramkota, awesome class…Bailey even talked me into buying a tee shirt. Would recommend to anyone looking for the Utah carry permit and a good time.”
Jim Drey, May 2014
“Awesome class!! Thanks for coming to sioux falls! Wish it was a longer class, my wife and i really enjoyed the class. She was kinda no so sure about it at first, but was pleasantly surprised. We will be making a trip to come see you and shoot some guns.”
Nathan Gomez,  May 2014

“Great class! Really relaxed atmosphere but still covered all of the important information. The instructors were very knowledgeable and could answer everybody’s questions”

Adam Brown, May 2014

Good news! Had the Utah DCI run my credit card on May 1st… Proud to say I attended the first class in Sioux Falls… Great class, great guys, highly recommend!”

Erik Nyhaug, May 2014
Very thorough and made me very comfortable”
Amber Henry, May 2014
I took the Utah concealed course in elk point sd. I walk in thinking that it was going to be a 4 hour lecture and a whole lot of don’t do this you can’t do that. It was the complete opposite I learned a hell of a lot and I was laughing the whole time. The instructor really made everything hit home and talk use through different everyday scenarios. If anyone is looking to get there permit , see rev-tac first”
Zeb Erwin, Apr 2014

Attended the class in Morningside for Iowa and Utah ccw. Awesome class! Knowledgeable instructors who make the class fun and interesting. Great to meet Tim and Jon!! Thanks!”

Travis Tyer, Apr 2014
Attended the SD/Utah ccw class in Sioux Falls and was impressed with the knowledge that Tim and Jon provided. This is a great class to attend if you want the ability to carry concealed in neighboring states that the SD permit does not allow, such as MN and NE. Very relaxed class atmosphere with the ability to ask questions, and they take care of the photo and finger printing for the Utah permit application. A must have for any SD ccw permit holder who travels to neighboring states.”
Jesse Briggs, Apr 2014
“Great class. Well done. Informative, done with a great sense of HUMOR to keep the class interesting. I would highly recommend the Utah class for all SD carriers. Serious information was provided in a fun informative way. I honestly think Tim could make a funeral fun!”
Todd Bechtold, Apr 2014
“Jon and Tim made this class fun and informative! I took the class with my husband who was obviously more knowledgeable about guns but I was able to get up to speed with the class. They did great at teaching both me as a beginner and Dustin who knew much about guns and how they worked. I was nervous coming in to the shooting portion of our NE class but both Jon and Tim were great instructors and helped calm those nerves! Can’t wait for the next shooting class that Dustin and I sign up for!!!!”
Paula Schmeckpeper Wendte, Mar 2014

“My husband and I took the ccw class. It was a great experience. They kept it interesting and informative. I highly recommend this class.”

Amy Ann Wright Harms, Mar 2014
Very well organized and informative class. Not your normal boring lecture, but a relaxed, hands on atmosphere. I would highly recommend this course for anyone.”
Tim Huber, Mar 2014
This class is an awesome experience. They give full detail of what you need to know and give all kinds of examples. I would definitely check these guys out. I give them 5 out 5 stars. Good work Tim and Jon”
Tyson Watt, Mar 2014
My wife and I took the course together and we both agree that it was awesome. We would both highly recommend Rev-Tac to every responsible gun owner”
Doug Markworth, Mar 2014
So glad I took the class. I had never fired a hand gun before today. Learned many life saving safety tips. I even fired a few rounds from a .45 caliber. The instructor was a great teacher, had very easy style, and very well informed. Well worth the money and time.”
Coletta R Manna, Feb 2014
Took the class it was great looking forward to taking other classes they offer and taking my girls to get them started”
Cesar Medina, Feb 2014
Best class I’ve ever taken!! Very informative but still humor, the best way to have a class!! Would highly recommend this class to anyone!”
Savannah Hauf, Feb 2014
“Took the iowa ccw class today, was a great experience! The class was fun, and super informative! There was slot of hands on with the pistols, and a lot of things that I would not have expected to learn. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to protect their family, hunters, or anyone needing that sense of protection!”
Danny Black, Feb 2014
Took the youth class with four of our children ranging in age from twelve to just turned five and we loved it! Great with the kids I can’t wait for them to take more classes.”
Cheryl Van Donslear, Feb 2014