**The Average Joe or Jill are welcome at our open courses. You don’t have to be an Action Hero to shoot with us. This training will give you a solid foundation and challenge you regardless of your level of experience**

Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota Enhanced, Minnesota, Arizona, and Utah
Permit To Carry Course (Concealed Carry):
This is not a “pencil-whipped, watch a movie and get your permit” course! This hands-on class covers real-world scenarios, pistol basics, laws, holsters, strategies and the overall importance of safe firearm use. This course is also great for hunters who want to carry loaded shotguns, rifles and such in their vehicles! We teach courses for that cover state specific law and meet or exceed the permit requirements for Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and South Dakota Enhanced. We are also certified to provide training for Utah and Arizona’s Non-Resident permits.

PRICE – Our Prices include required Fingerprint and Photo Cards
Classroom courses – IA/SD/UT :$50/Student (Bring Photo ID)
Classroom plus range qualification courses – NE/MN/SD Enhanced  $100/Student (Bring your firearm, holster, and 100 rounds of ammunition.

Home Defense:
Questions on what you can and can’t do in your home will be answered! Plus get out on the range and shoot in simulated scenarios that help prepare you for the worst! Don’t be caught surprised!

PRICE: $125/Student (4 Hour Course)
Seasonal/Course is offered upon request. Five student minimum.

Women On Point:
A woman’s introduction to handguns, rifles and shotguns. Come learn to shoot a variety of firearms safely! This is a great time to learn without your husband, boyfriend or dad hovering over your shoulder!

PRICE: $125/Student (3-4 Hour Course)
Course is offered seasonally/upon request. 5 student minimum.

Basic Pistol Course:
Covers safely handling your handgun, storage, cleaning and shooting techniques. This is a great course for people who are new to shooting. Start with the proper fundamentals to build strong habits! This course is a mix of range time and in class instruction.

PRICE: $75/Student (2 hours)

Practical Carry Pistol Course:
This is pure range time! Learn to “clean-up” your shooting and shoot under pressure! This course trains you to react with muscle memory for high pressure shots and fine tunes your shooting techniques. You will learn to draw from a holster and handle weapon malfunctions quickly and safely! You must have a permit to carry or have passed our basic pistol course before attending.

PRICE: $75 (2 Hour Course)
Seasonally/Private Training or Scheduled Group Courses


Basic And Advanced Rifle Courses:
Learn how to sight in your firearm, fundamentals to shooting and tactics for making well-placed shots, both relaxed and under pressure! A fun and challenging course day at the range! This is a great course for anyone who wants to step up their rifle shooting!

PRICE: $75 (2 Hour Course)
Seasonally/Private Training or Scheduled Group Courses


Basic/Advanced Carbine (AR-15/M-4) Course:
Admit it…about every guy out there owns or wants to own a AR-15 (aka M-16/ M-4) But let’s face it men, most of us don’t even have a clue how to use this thing to it’s full potential. You will learn how to tear-down and maintain your weapon, group, zero quickly and then to reflexive fire and malfunction/reload drills until you can perform them in your sleep!

2 Hours $75/Student
4 Hours $125/Student

Pistol Test-Drive:
If you are about to buy a new handgun save yourself some time and money by trying it first! We created this course to let you figure out what guns you love and hate before you spend the money on them! We provide you with 15-20 of the most common carry handguns on the market today for you to run through their paces.

This is one of our most popular courses and a ton of fun!
We provide the firearms and ammo all you need is comfortable range clothes!

Price: $75

Tactical Shotgun Course:
It seems there is a shotgun in every home in the United States and especially here in the Midwest! Bring your shotgun out and learn how to utilize it to its true potential. Find out what it can and can’t do – tactical reloads – shooting on the move – round selection – malfunction drills – shooting from cover – strong and weak side shooting – and more!
This course is not only practical but super fun!

Price: $125/ Student (4 Hours) Minimum Of 4 Students

Seasonally/Upon Request

Low Light/No Light Defensive Shooting:
This training is crucial for anyone who owns a handgun for defense due to the simple fact that the majority of attacks occur in the hours of low to no natural light. Statistically, criminals do their best work using the cover of darkness to mask their identity and give them a sense of security. Statistics also show that people who have been forced to shoot at night, shoot 30% worse than they would under pressure during the day. By preparing for this you even the odds and counter the statistics!

Price: $125/ Student (4 Hours)

Seasonally/Upon Request


Youth Introduction To Shooting:
This course was designed for any age shooter that is willing to learn about the dangers of firearms, and how to safely handle them. They are also taught the basic fundamentals of shooting. We strongly believe that gun safety starts with teaching kids at a young age about them taking the “mystery” out of guns and preventing the tv, a video game or their friends from “teaching” them how to handle firearms. This course covers handguns and rifles and includes classroom and range time with our .22 rifles.

Price: $50/ Student (2 Hours)

Seasonally/Upon Request

Long-Range Precision Shooting Course:

Make every shot count. This two day course will cover the fundamentals of long range shooting, collecting data, grouping and zeroing your rifle, reading wind, range estimation, rapid target engagement and a lot more! We’ve boosted shooter’s confidence in the past from taking 300m shots to 800m…no problem! And it’s good to see people actually understand the limitations of their equipment, but fully utilize what they have to it’s max capability. Then you have really gotten your money’s worth out of whatever you are shooting!

Our instructors are experienced snipers for the US Army and great at making this mysterious art of long-range shooting easy!

$300 (Two Full Days)


Trauma Management For First Responders:

Cost: $75

With all the crazy stuff going on in the world we see an increasing need for a course dealing with surviving an injury so here you go! This is vital to know for gunshot wounds, stabbings, etc, but can obviously be used in any type of trauma like a car accident.
You don’t need to have any medical knowledge to attend. Our instructors will walk you through the simple acronym “HAS”, and we will practice until it becomes second nature!

This 4 hour block of instruction is for everyone. Any level of training and will simplify your response to an injury. You will be taught how to manage a wound on yourself and on others. This hands on training is not only practical but a lot of fun! No shooting is required for this training, but this block of instruction will be followed up on by our Injured Shooter’s Course.

**Private Sessions Are Available For All Our Courses! Just Contact Us For Details! Call/Text: 712-253-8810**